Card case - VIOLET (Woodliis) - 35,00 €
    Card case - VIOLET (Woodliis) - 35,00 € Card case - VIOLET (Woodliis) - 35,00 € Card case - VIOLET (Woodliis) - 35,00 € Card case - VIOLET (Woodliis) - 35,00 €

    Card case - VIOLET

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    The handcrafted credit card case Woodliis is an extremely practical and elegant accessory.

    Made in Europe from specially selected wood combined with resin and black-stained aluminium. The selection of materials of the highest quality ensures both the excellent appearance and lightness and compactness of our cases.

    Anyone who uses credit cards and all types of club or loyalty cards knows how important it is to have a quality case. Credit card cases are not only a practical gadget, but also an extremely functional way to keep your wallet tidy. Thanks to this small but cleverly designed accessory, we can easily organize our payment cards while protecting them from scratches or damage. Credit card cases are also a great way to minimize luggage carrying while allowing quick access to your most important financial documents. The stylish design and variety of available models make the card case not only a practical tool, but also a fashion accessory to our everyday equipment.


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    In Slovakia, made of wood, to which we gave a second chance.
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    Credit and Club Card Case made in Europe

    We make our credit cases by hand in Europe and we are very proud of it! We work very hard to produce every case, from the design phase to shipping. We take full responsibility for our products and since the whole process is in our hands, we are 100% sure of their quality and uniqueness.

    Credit card case of its kind

    Now we will tell you a little about the process of manufacturing our cases. In order to make card cases, which are a combination of resin and wood, we must obtain and properly prepare pieces of wood. These are always unique and we import them from Texas, for example, such as cholla cacti or gorgeous poplar wood with a sharp texture or visually stunning Indonesian suar wood. After all, it can be any wood that bonds well with resin. In this case, we are limited only by our imagination and the possibilities of obtaining it, since wood is imported for you from all over the world.

    Discarded, unnecessary pieces of wood – we give them a second life

    Properly prepared wooden pieces are then poured with resin, the unique color of which is obtained using correctly selected dyes. From this combination, we make small blocks, from which we then cut out thin elements intended for the case. And it is at this point that the uniqueness of a given pattern is shown and, of course, a unique card case is also created.

    In one series we can produce from several to dozens of pieces of covers. If you like the already made color combination of wood and resin, do not hesitate to purchase a case.

    Manufacturing precision

    The process of making each credit card package is extremely complex and time-consuming. We pay special attention to every aspect of production, even the smallest. We use the highest quality machines that cut and drive wood with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. A significant part of our production is made by hand, which is less and less common nowadays. Polishing, varnishing and precise gluing of wood is the result of our hard manual work. Each wooden case has a heart embedded in it, creating a unique series of credit card cases.


    • - ease of use: when you press a small lever, the cards are printed outwards in a fan-shaped way for easy access,
    • - effective RFID SECURE protection against loss of funds from your bank account - wallet protects cards with NFC chip from accidental reading of ATM, payment, credit, debit and other cards,
    • - capacity: up to 7 cards,
    • - made entirely of natural wood,
    • - body made of lightweight aluminium, dyed black,
    • - dimensions: 95 mm x 60 mm x 8 mm
    • - manual processing and finishing of wood;
    • - precision of workmanship.

    Data sheet

    50% aluminium
    50% resin
    50% wood
    black dyed aluminium
    Engraved pattern
    Country of origin
    Slovak Republic
    RFI Protection

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