Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 €
    Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 € Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 € Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 € Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 € Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 € Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB (Woodliis) - 145,00 €

    Wooden stand under the monitor - DUB

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    The monitor stand from the Desk collection is the essence of style and functionality in your workplace. With our wooden stand, you not only lift your monitor, but also ensure a healthy posture during long hours of office work. Our product has been designed so that the screen is at optimal height and provides you with comfort and ergonomic body positioning. Plus, our stands help organize your desk space, allowing you to use the available space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. They not only perfectly fulfill their functions, but also impress with their original design, which will add a unique zest to your workplace.


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    In Slovakia, made of wood, to which we gave a second chance.
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    All products are made with love. Wooden cases are made in a workshop in Europe. The creation of each wooden case is taken care of by experienced staff from the design stage to packing and shipping to the customer. We take full responsibility for the goods, because the entire complex production process takes place in Europe while maintaining all quality standards.

    Materials used

    Oak (Quercus L. [topwood, takto vyzerajú naše porasty] - is a species of trees or, more rarely, tall shrubs, belonging to the beech family (Fagaceae Dumort). It includes about 200 species occurring mainly in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere (among others in Poland) and in high-lying areas of the tropical zone. Oak trees are famous for their large size, they are the strongest Polish trees, and their diameter can exceed 3 meters and height up to 25 -35 m. Oak wood is quite heavy and hard, thanks to which it is widely used in construction joinery and furniture making. It is highly resistant to oderu.Dubovwood is yellow-brown in color, has a clearly marked structure, with knots characteristic of oak.


    • - High quality plywood covered with veneer of real oak or American walnut.
    • - Stand capacity up to 80 kg - a large monitor can be placed without any problems.
    • - Milled edges.
    • - Powder-coated steel legs with natural cork on the bottom to prevent slipping.
    • - Wood treated with natural oil.
    • - Ergonomic monitor lift: The stand allows you to raise the monitor to the right height, which helps maintain correct posture and reduces strain on the neck and back muscles.
    • - Better working comfort: With optimal screen height, the stand ensures you can look at the monitor comfortably without having to bend over or strain your eyes too much.
    • - Save space on your desk: The space between the rack legs can be used to store other office accessories such as a keyboard, mouse or notes, allowing for better organization and maximum use of available space.
    • - Unique design: the Bewood wooden stand adds elegance and natural charm to your table. Its unique design attracts attention and sets it apart from other standard coasters.
    • - Durability and high quality workmanship: The Bewood stand is made of the highest quality wood, which guarantees its durability and long-term use. Careful workmanship ensures robust construction and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
    • - Easy to assemble: the stand is easy to assemble and assemble, so you can quickly reap its benefits without any complications.
    • - Thanks to these advantages, the Bewood monitor stand from the Desk collection becomes not only a practical tool for work, but also a beautiful design element of your desk.
    • - Manual processing and finishing of wood.
    • - Precision Engineering


    • - Length: 70 cm, Width: 23 cm, Height: 11 cm - 9 cm between table and stand. Distance between legs: 58 cm.


    • The price does not include props (pens, paper clips, blocks, business cards, etc.) shown in the photos

    Data sheet

    100% wood
    Natural oil
    Country of origin
    Slovak Republic

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