We go back to the roots of manufacturing. To what was good once and what we have completely forgotten in the meantime in a busy world. In a new, modern and close to our heart. With our wooden products, covers and accessories for the office, we connect lovers of wood, nature and bring people back in touch with the earth. Our products are created in the heart of Europe with an emphasis on quality and tradition of working with wood using the most local ingredients.

Sustainability and quality

At Woodliis , we believe that the best way to sustainability is not to buy unnecessarily. We try to pass on this philosophy to our customers. Therefore, in the production of our products, we place great emphasis on quality and processing, use the most local raw materials (wood) and support traditional local production. Our products are manufactured in the heart of Europe - in Slovakia. In countries where there has always been a strong tradition of working with wood and we are proud that thanks to you and your faith in our brand, we can continue this tradition and bring modern and innovative principles to it with love for people and nature. Thanks to precision and attention to detail, our products will bring you long-term joy. Better to buy once and properly than often and of poor quality. So together we will do something for the planet and reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of waste produced. With love for nature, we approach not only the design and production of our products. We believe that together we will make the world a better place. Greener, with less waste and healthier people. A place where fair-trade principles are a matter of course. A place where people make conscious decisions and where quality and ethical background take precedence over quantity. A place where timelessness and functionality beat seasonality. Thanks to you and your support, we are gradually succeeding.

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Our mission

In Woodliis , we are not afraid to dream and fulfill courageous dreams. Our goal is to change the habits of people around the world. We offer people mostly wooden products, which are produced mainly in a sustainable way and with love for nature and especially wood. Our vision is such covers for your mobile phone that perfectly protect it from damage and you will simply want to show them everywhere when wearing them - all this using wood, which we gave a second chance. Zero waste :)
In Woodliis , every customer is the center of interest for us and their satisfaction is our driving force. Ethical and pleasant working environment is a priority for us, the principle of fair-trade is deeply rooted in us. Therefore, we treat every employee or business partner with respect and respect. Thanks to this, we live our dreams together and this drives us forward with even greater appetite. With each goal achieved, we set the bar higher and higher. "No" and "impossible" are not included in our vocabulary at all. Woodliis is not "just" a company, it is a family, literally. And you will receive a piece of this family from us in each of our products along with our heart.